Internet Business Tools for Chiropractors
Just because your website, or the internet has not been working for you to the degree, or extent that it could - doesn't mean that it can't!
It just means that "what" and "how" you are using it - isn't being done correctly yet. That's all about to change!!

Approximately Only About Fifty-Percent
Of Chiropractors Even Have Websites…

Of those, virtually every one of them have absolutely no idea
how to get any meaningful traffic to their sites!

Additionally most Chiropractors’ websites are so diluted with information
(trying to be everything for everybody) that it is almost impossible to get top
Search Engine ranking!

Even if a Chiropractor site reaches the top page of search engines
the site has either…

Not been e-commerce enabled…or even worse…

Has not been laid out properly to even convert new business!

The bottom line…

One main website is NOT enough! If you are going to go fishing in the ocean of the internet…you’re going to need to fish with a net!

My name is Evan Richards, and if you are looking for

  • Better internet tools
  • A better way to run the internet-side of your practice
  • Increased marketing & positioning
  • Greater potential to attract specific, quality, pre-screened new patients
  • 24/7 approach to using the internet to generate Multiple Streams of Income (MSI)
  • How to use the power of the internet to increase access to low/no cost, passive-based marketing systems…

Then you need to read on. Over the next few minutes I am going to make you an offer that can transform your current concept of internet business tools – and show you how to use the internet to create a stronger web presence that can literally “grab your new patients by their eyeballs”…and help position you as the preferred, referred authority in your community!

Here is a sneak peek at what you will receive: Proprietary Internet Tools. Top Page Search Engine Ranking. Free Marketing Information, More Leads, More Patients & More Profits…

If you are a Chiropractor and are seeing this webpage – there is a 99% chance that you are currently experiencing one of these two things…

  1. You have a website, but have very little knowledge as to how to properly create meaningful traffic to your site, or…
  2. You don’t yet have a website – and therefore have no way to use the internet to book meaningful, pre-screened and qualified New Patient appointments to your facility.

If you fit in either one of these two categories – you are doomed to mediocrity!

Here is why…

Currently, in EVERY area around the country (rural or non-rural, sparsely or densely populated) there are far more educated, potential new patients searching for health, wellness, and solutions for pain on the internet every day – who have jobs, have money, have insurance than those who will read their mail, read their local newspaper, or use the myriad of bulky yellow page books in order to find solutions.

This is precisely why yellow pages, newspapers and other advertising mediums are becoming more and more expensive – while simultaneously becoming less and less effective!

Since what I just wrote you is an eyeful…let me tell you what I just said in a more simplified way…

If you want quality new patients to find you – who have the money to pay you – you need to have a strong web presence!

The bottom-line is, you need to get people coming to you through laser-targeted marketing – rather than you trying to shotgun approach them!

By having a strong web presence (and by the way, I am NOT talking about the silly online directory listings where you are swallowed up among all the other Chiropractors in the same area - who also have no idea whatsoever how to use the internet properly) you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:


Benefits of a Strong Online Web Presence

  • Instant perceived and accepted AUTHORITY
  • You become the main contact for the media on related injuries
  • Attorneys are more willing to pay you top dollar to testify as their expert witness
  • Your name is considered first when universities and pro franchise teams are looking for an authority
  • You work with the attraction principal so your ideal patients seek you out
  • Your number of patient referrals significantly increases, consistently filling your appointment book
  • You catch the attention of more new patients than ever before from a network of referral systems
  • The Return On Investment (ROI) for advertising multiplies as your cost to market through the internet is far less costly than the costs associated with external marketing venues
  • Perception grows in your community that there is no better doctor to go to than you
  • Be prepared to find other D.C.s you know and trust to refer your overflow business to
  • And, best of all, as an AUTHORITY you can charge accordingly, and patients will happily pay it, just to be able to squeeze into your appointment calendar!

So the question is, if internet marketing can do all of that – and more, why don’t more chiropractors do it?

Simply put, they just don’t know how! They don’t understand it! It takes too much time! It’s too onerous of a process! They can get a website for free – sure…but what good is it if nobody can find the site online? Or even worse, people see the site – but they are not the right people you want seeing the site!

As you may know, an expert chiropractor with unique credentials gets tapped for service over the competition every time. I am going to show you how to become THE chiropractor in your area sought out by the media, attorneys, universities, local businesses and pro franchises, as well as the people in your community.


So Just How Do You Become a Sought After
Authority in a Sea of Competition?

I’ll give you the easy order to properly use the Internet for Marketing it’s vital to have the right tools in place!

Now that may not sound like much, or not sound so easy to you, but I’m going to walk you through exactly what the basic tools are that are needed to use the internet in a smart, practical and simple way. Then I am going to provide you an opportunity to get those tools for mere pennies in relation to what you might spend elsewhere.

Are you ready?


What Are Some of The “Tools” Needed
To Run a Successful Internet Campaign?

  1. Have a great saleable Product, Service or Information (PSI). (I assume you already have this)
  2. Properly Identify your target market niche. (Normally most Chiropractors think they have this area nailed already...but it usually needs a good tweak or two).
  3. Present your PSI to your market niche in a compelling way. (Almost always the weakest link in the process...even though most of the Chiropractors running an internet campaign don't like to admit to this...:))
  4. Provide a simple, secure way to transact a purchase and/or sell via your 24/7 online "store". (Of the Chiropractors who have websites - even fewer have an ecommerce solution, or ability to properly transact business via the internet)

This means you will need the following:

  1. A well designed, well written and properly laid-out website
  2. Proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO); page titles, menus, page descriptions, page content, keywords…so your site can be indexed by the search engines of Google, Yahoo and MSN…in order to attract the right people to your site, who have the money and/or wherewithal to pay for what you are offering.
  3. Web Tools. You will need tools that allow you to; track & monitor site traffic, generate marketing responses, capture contact data and automate drip-marketing systems. In short, you will need the ability to generate new leads, convert those new leads to an appointment, convert the appointment to show, convert the show to stay, pay and refer - and refer more and more often.

The “devil is in the details” however, and it is the steps, strategies and principles - before, between and after - these primary steps that direct the extent of success you can experience. My special offers I am making for you today provide all the right elements and tools for the desired outcome in your internet campaigns.

Let me just humbly share with you that I have spent the past twenty-seven years as a direct-response marketer. Sixteen of those years implementing internet marketing strategies – and the past five-years dedicated exclusively in the Chiropractic arena.

So get this…every single month I teach Internet Marketing Seminars around the country for Chiropractors. I also conduct weekly web-based training sessions – as well as tele-seminars on the subject of Internet Business Tools and marketing for Chiropractors.

I have to tell you that…no fail…in every class, in every seminar – I have Chiropractors tell me that they have tried using the internet to market, but have failed – miserably! They try to go about convincing me that “for them (at least in their area) the Internet just doesn’t work!”

It’s almost funny… and it would be…if it weren’t so darn sad.

However, when I ask them for their domain name and I go to their website (if they even have a website) – it is IMMEDIATELY obvious to me (as well as to all the other Chiropractors in the training who see my demonstration) exactly WHY these Chiropractors websites are failing them so terribly!

Here are just a few of the many reasons:

  1. They got someone to build them a website for free. (This is not necessarily a bad thing, but the designer building the site is not normally the left-brain person who understands and can do the technical quality of internet marketing needed).
  2. Or worse yet, they took the time to try their own hand at building and/or marketing their own website – which in the long as well as short haul has a cost of time and money far beyond what any website should cost…and still lacks the web-presence positioning needed for the results desired!
  3. Their website has ZERO (to very few at best) meta tags; keywords, page description, page title, etc…this means that their site is impossible to be properly indexed via the search engines! Bottom-line is their sites can’t even be seen by potential new patients!

And then they wonder why their site isn’t getting traffic?!

So in my seminars I then go about showing exactly how to use the internet to establish a strong web presence.

I cover topics like…

  • Identifying Your Marketing Niche & Marketing to Your Niche
  • Creating a simple "Marketing Net" (as opposed to "fishing" with a "hook and line")
  • Integrating Internal, External & Internet Marketing Systems that work together
  • Low/No Cost Marketing Strategies to Generate a Consistent Flow of New Quality Patients
  • How to Get your Website to Produce More New Quality Patients
  • What You Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising (and other Internet Marketing Strategies)
  • How to Test Market Your Offers, Services, and Ads within your community - For Free!
  • How to Position Yourself as the Referred, Preferred, (Perceived) Authority in your Area.
  • How to Obtain a 14 to 1 ROI, or the Equivalent of a 1400% Return on Your Marketing Dollar - and Get This ROI - Consistently!
  • Learn The Key-Ingredient Secrets of Internet Marketing That Can Catapult You Ahead of the Crowd
  • Creating and Using a Real Marketing Plan
  • Using Simple Tools To Track Marketing Results
  • How to Automate Most (if not all) of Your Marketing Tasks & Campaigns
  • eNewsletters, eMail, Auto-Responders & Drip-Marketing Systems - If you aren't Using Them - Why You Need To Be - and Simple Ways to Do So...
  • And Much, Much More!

I am not telling you this because I want to sell you into attending one of my Web Tools Seminars – however…I AM going to make you an offer right now that should be very attractive to you.

I have arranged for you to receive the most comprehensive – low cost –
Web Business Tools Package I have ever offered!!!

Get this. If you have done any research whatsoever in this regard you will know immediately that what I am about to offer you is completely unprecedented in regard to value vs. cost.

Here is what I want to offer you by way of introduction.


Special Introductory Web Business Tools Package Offer!

Since the national 30-day monetary value (not case value or even life-time value) of a newly converted Chiropractic patient is $700.00 – we believe that just one patient alone can far outweigh the small monthly cost of having access to the best Chiropractic Web Tools on the planet!

Web Tools Package Special Offer #1

Web Landing Page ($249.00 Value)
So you already have a website? Well, as explained above – one information diluted website is not going to do you too much good for attracting specific types of patients to you.

What I will do is provide you with a web landing (marketing) page that is geared to provide better “brand” recognition in your local community in addition to what you may already be using. (As you may already know - the more “hooks” in the water – the better the end result!)

This means you get a professional webpage with professional content already provided. You get all the design elements for the page already installed. And…you also get unlimited access to modify content as you choose.

All you do is log into your pass coded Virtual Automated Marketing account (see below: Special Offer #2), and choose between a selection of different symptom-specific landing pages, like; back pain, neck pain, whiplash, spinal decompression, fibromyalgia, headaches/migraines & etc, that are pre-written and professional developed to provide visually aesthetic and stimulating site content for potential new patients in your local area.

The system is easy to use and is built using simple web modules and Wizards to walk you through short process of choosing a page layout - to publishing the site online. (I'll even provide help with that if you need it).

Web Tools Package Special Offer #2

Web Admin Access ($1,000.00 Value)
With your Niche-Specific Landing Page you will also receive proprietary Web-Wizard tools that allow you to:

  • Access your site anytime from anywhere
  • Modify your site as desired
  • Layout an in-depth marketing plan
  • Track Marketing Campaigns & results
  • Receive built-in marketing principles & training
  • Track marketing budgets
  • Track all of your marketing lists & contacts
  • Email
  • Build Web Forms for Automated Drip-Marketing Systems
  • Store and Access your marketing material; flyers, brochures, letters, ads, etc,.
  • Track ongoing marketing projects by you and your staff
  • and much more!

This Automated Marketing System provides cutting-edge technology to take the “busy” work out of your hands, and allows you to generate more leads, more patients and more profits to your bottom-line!

Web Tools Package Special Offer #3

Web Hosting ($30.00 p/m Value)
Your online marketing page will be hosted for free on my server. I will cover any costs that may be associated with any domain fees, or hosting fees in this regard – and your site will be clean of any ads.

Web Tools Package Special Offer #4

Web Page Optimization Availability ($89.00 Value)
Your Landing page will include all necessary HTML and Meta-tag fields as necessary so your webpage can be indexed properly by the search engines of; GOOGLE, Yahoo!, and MSN.

Web Tools Package Special Offer #5

Online Listing & Referral Network ($600.00 p/y Value)
Your facility will be made available to receive referrals from our New Patient Online Referral Network. (When you order your Web-Tools package be sure to ask to see examples of the Referral Leads developed for our Chiropractic Clients from our referral website).

Added Bonus!!!! Web Tools Package Special Offer #6

Quick-Start 30-Minute Web Consultation ($60.00 Value)
Along with your Web Tools Package – you will receive a personal 30-minute web-marketing consultation. This consultation will be provided as an extra bonus for you for taking advantage of this offer today.

Your consultation will be focused primarily on principles and strategies to get your site properly published, Search Engine Optimized and properly indexed by the search engines to insure that your site gets seen.

You will learn how to get people to come to you! As well as how to better position yourself as the referred/preferred facility in your area.

If you know anything about the internet and have been running the numbers you can easily see that each of the Five-Special Offers named above…are easily worth $50.00 and more apiece! Combined – these offers are well worth a couple of thousand dollars!

As a matter of fact, my regular seminar price for this package (without the $800.00 massage benefit) at either; Dr. Karl Parker Seminars and/or at the Dr. Pete Fernandez, or Master Circle Seminars is $1,500.00…

…all I am asking is that you pay a $50.00 per month membership fee to have access to these tools. Yep. That’s right! Just $50 bucks.

No contract, and no long-term commitment…just a simple “try me out” offer. (This is an absolutely, and completely affordable offer…even for the true skeptic at heart).

All you pay is $50.00 to start – and you also only pay $50.00 per month on a month-by-month basis for the continued benefit of using these combined offers.

I can with all confidence guarantee you that there is no other company out there who will offer more (or even comparable value) - for less.

I absolutely 100% guarantee it. I know, because I’ve challenged folks all over the country to bring any other comparable suite of internet business tools to the table – and it just doesn’t happen –cuz’ it just doesn’t exist!


Product Value Guarantee

I will do a verbal check with you after your web page goes live online.

After I put your landing page online you are not completely, and totally happy with my web business products and tools – simply tell me, and I will give you an immediate refund of $49.00 of your $50.00 outlay…

However…I will also let you keep the Two Marketing e-Books, as a special gift to you, just for using my product! That’s my personal guarantee. It’s Iron-Clad – and I’m stickin’ to it!

All I am asking for is that you allow me the opportunity to demonstrate a sample "taste-test" of what I can bring to the table – basically a fair, honest shot at helping you to do better at what you already want/need anyway - attract more new patients!

If down the road you want me to do more marketing for you – either internally, externally or internet-wise…well…you’ll know where to find me – won’t you…

Evan W. Richards
Virtual Automated Marketing Systems™
More Visibility. More Leads. More Patients. More Profits.
(888) 514-3118


Yes, I am interested in your Special Offers and consider $50.00 to be more than fair for what you are offering. Please contact me so I can get more information about how this can work for me and/or how to get started. Thank you!

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Your information is private and will not be used for anything other than directly related to accommodating you in regard to this special offer.

Evan W. Richards


PSI Value Statement

When it comes to measuring Product, Service and/or Information (PSI) Value, there are many who will charge you more – and there are many who will charge you less (or even provide some services free), but for the comprehensive suite of products and services I am providing with this Web Tools Package, no one will offer comparable value and quality for less.


About Evan W. Richards

Evan W. Richards - Owner/Marketer

Mr. Richards brings to your facility a wide variety of knowledge with focused experience in the area of marketing, sales and business management. He was born in Provo Utah, is married—has seven children—and currently resides in Saratoga Springs, Utah. Mr. Richards began his entrepreneurial career in 1979 as a professional trainer for a newly developed personal enhancement program originating at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Over the next fifteen years Mr. Richards, owned and operated three more training centers in Utah valley, implementing his acquired specialized skills, principles and mind-sets as they related to the area of personal and professional enhancement concepts’ and strategies.

From 1979 to 1994 Mr. Richards continued to successfully offer his specialized, educational and motivational training programs to many thousands of individuals on a national level via personal one-on-one instruction, workshops, community education programs, youth, civic and church groups as well as local school districts. While teaching, Mr. Richards placed a heavy emphasis on prioritizing, goal setting and achieving, taking action, follow-up and follow-through, adaptation and utilization, achieving continual, positive and measurable results by maintaining a clearly focused objective of specifically desired outcomes.

In 1994 Mr. Richards sold his training centers, spending the next five years working in sales, consulting and marketing for such companies as iMall, Galaxy Mall, Internet Development Inc., and Peter Lowe International. It was here where he fine-tuned his professional skills working extensively in training, coaching and sales on a national basis, and assisting other entrepreneurial-minded individuals with the “how-to’s” of obtaining better results in their own personal and professional lives.

He has marketed and sold personal development training programs for Peter Lowe International Seminars, Inc., and internationally acclaimed Denis Waitley, with course tuition prices in the three thousand dollar range.

Mr. Richards has extensively studied marketing, sales and behavior modification for personal life enhancement. He has consistently and successfully developed sales & marketing systems that have generated as much as fifty-thousand dollars to one-hundred eighty-thousand dollars per sale—all through direct-response marketing.

From 1999 to date, Mr. Richards has instructed a wide variety of individuals including CEOs, entrepreneurs and professionals providing personal and financial success strategies through more than fifty thousand one-on-one training sessions on a national basis.


Contact Us

(888) 514-3118


Mailing Address
4113 South Mountain Moon Drive
Saratoga Springs, Utah 84045

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Frequently Asked (as well as unasked - but thought) Questions/Comments (FAQs)

I am going to excuse myself before-hand in regard to the FAQs’ because I am going to be a smarty pants…I know…it’s not the “proper” thing to do, but if you are still reading this – and trying to figure out if you should/shouldn’t spend a lousy $50 bucks in behalf of achieving your own goals…then perhaps you’ll get a couple of kicks out of my answers - and then you can get back to your busy day…

Question: What do you have to offer that my consultant, practice management company, practice coach, director of marketing and/or current website & etc., doesn’t already provide?

Answer: Obviously for you that remains to be seen. The mere fact that you have made it this far and are reading this material is strong evidence that whatever you are receiving from your designated “help” is not help enough and that there is room for improvement.

However, I am not necessarily about replacing “who” or “what” you already have. I am about enhancing your current repertoire of Internet Business Tools in conjunction to what you are already using/doing.

Just having a website obviously is not the answer! If it were the answer, then every Chiropractor would already be incredibly wealthy.

Coaches, consultants, and management companies are easy to find and easily affordable – so also is having a website. However…you still have the issue of HOW TO GET NEW PATIENTS TO YOUR FACILITY IN THE FIRST PLACE...!

That's where real marketing skill, adaptability, experience and customization have value - that is exactly what my niche is!

Question: As a Facility Owner, I don’t do Internet marketing, what can you do for me?

Answer: Do you really have only one way to diagnose patients? Or only one way to treat? Doesn’t it make better sense to use your entire spectrum of skills, tools, equipment and facility—rather than limit what you can do for your patients?

If you are only doing internal and/or external marketing (but not using the interent)…you are limiting yourself, your practice and your community from receiving good Chiropractic care. I have also found that most facilities that only do internal/external marketing are still very limited in the scope of their internal/external marketing as well.

With that being said, if you want to invest exclusively into internal marketing specifically—as you know—that is always a good investment. The point being that this is about enhancing the parameters that you yourself establish.

Question: I don’t have a marketing budget, what can you do for me?

Answer: Use a principle of Chiropractic, and begin “internally and work out”.

It takes money to make money. If you don’t have $50.00…marketing budget to put together, then use Others People's Money (OPM). If you don’t have leverage or access to OPM then build internally until you do. However, I find it hard to believe anyone who says they don’t have $50 bucks to spend on their marketing improvement.

Question: I am already doing well on my own, why do I need you?

Answer: Perhaps it’s not about NEEDING anyone; maybe it’s about WANTING a better result. The better question would be, “is there room for improvement—or not”? If you are already doing well—could you be doing better?

Question: If you are so good at internet marketing…why not take a percentage of the increase as opposed to me paying $50 bucks upfront?

Answer: Actually, if a facility wants to share their increase with me that would be great because I would make a lot more money.

However, I am only asking for a nominal retainer because I want to half-way qualify the business owner I choose to work with. You see Doc, you don’t treat your patients for free do you—and then have them pay only if they receive their idea of what a successful treatment is? Of course you don’t treat for free—and neither do I.

I want to work with serious Doctors. I really don’t want to deal with the issues that come from “freebie” junkies.

Additionally, it is very difficult to work out an ethical, legal percentage of the increase unless a facility draws up a contract providing me with a percentage of gross profit forever and/or a piece of what the facility sells for when the Doctor/Owner sells and/or transitions his/her practice. Bottom line here is…$50 buckaroos are affordable for any half-way serious Doc – who wants to better brand and position himself/herself on the internet.

Question: Your offer sounds intriguing, but the timing is not right for me…can I get started in 3-6 months?

Answer: I have no idea. It depends on my work load at that time.

It also depends on if I have another facility in your area that I am working with on an exclusive basis or not.

It also depends on whether the current initial outlay of $50 bucks is too much for you to get started now, because if it is, then it would be harder to get started later because obviously whatever you are doing now is not working for you – at least not to the degree or extent it should be – or the $50 bucks would not be an issue for you! (So who are we kidding here...?)

Question: I live in a unique area of the country and the people here are different than elsewhere, how do I know the Internet is going to work for me?

Answer: Well…how do you know it’s NOT going to work for you?! Listen, you can’t just take a website, slap your name, address and phone number, bio, symptoms, patient intake forms…along with a few other tweaks here and there and expect it to pull a great response—consistently!

Building an Internet Web Presence is more than even an art or science – to be done properly it needs to be adapted specifically for the area, niche, individual Doctor, facility & etc.

Ultimately what you will want to do with the internet is create a net to “go fishing with”, as opposed to throwing a hook out into the “deep-blue ocean” of the internet and hoping you snag a fish…?

Question: Is there a guarantee?

Answer: Well…I already gave my guarantee…but if you are happen to be the type of person that is so skeptical that you either don’t/can’t believe that I can/will perform on it – then consider this answer… Not really. Do you offer a guarantee of success to your patients – or does your staff offer a guarantee to you of performance? Obviously not – right?!

Here’s the deal. For $50 bucks I am going to provide ongoing, consistent real value to you. As a business owner you are already obligated to have certain business tools anyway. All I am doing is providing you an entire suite of online business tools, time, talent, knowledge, expertise, information, web content, proprietary products, technology & etc., that can help create a better chance for you to be more successful than you already are!

Certainly we are aware there are many others out there selling you their "thing" who have such a lack of confidence in what they are selling that most of them have to sell you the guarantee gimmik - the “money-back” way out in order to get you to buy their product/service/information.

The bottom-line here is that because I offer real value; time, strategies, effort, skill sets I choose NOT to work (completely) for free (and neither should you), so we don’t/won’t do what other people do to “make a sale”.

Frankly speaking, if you want to keep buying the so-called "guaranteed programs" (which are many and endless), then so be it. After all, it's your money and it’s your time. However, I still say the $50 bucks you spend with me will give you the best value for the dollar than what you can get elsewhere.

Question: Are you going to be in, or working from my facility?

Answer: Nope. Me being in your facility is not necessary. As you know, Internet technology can reach anywhere - from anywhere locally, nationally or globally.

If you are really stuck on hiring a “local community internet expert”, then my suggestion is to hire that person – AND hire me for the $50 bucks as well. The least I can do is help insure that that particular staff member you hire is far more effective than just putting up a website for you.

Question: I'm a pretty creative internet guy myself, why do you believe that you can produce better Internet branding than what I am already producing on my own?

Answer: Historically speaking, results speak for themselves. IF, you were truly getting the results you want - you wouldn’t even be reading this right now – would you?!

Secondly, even if you are really great at Internet protocol...then why are you running a chiropractic facility? Why not an Internet company? And since you are running a chiropractic facility - you do not get paid for your internet creativity! You only get paid to diagnose and treat.

Frankly speaking, there is nothing that I could say, write or do that will convince anyone who just wants to be skeptical or critical.

However, the "proof" is always verifiable after the fact. As you already know, your risk factor in using me is merely $50 bucks – or worse yet continuing what you are doing without using me.

If the special introductory initial start-up retainer of $50 bucks is too steep/scary/risky for you, then there is probably nothing I could do to help you anyway for the simple fact that the underlined problems that may make the initial $50 outlay for a business enhancement expenditure in your own practice a difficulty for you?!

Question: Why is your start-up fee so nominal as compared to other programs – or even other staff who don’t/can’t bring as much to the table?

Answer: First, Chiropractors as a whole are the most financially challenged group of Doctors on the planet! Frankly speaking, the market wouldn’t bear the cost of what I would charge if I were working with only a single client! That is why I work with many clients simultaneously.

Second, I realize there are always going to be skeptics (identified by the asking of this question). However, do not be fooled by the generosity of my offer. I am not asking for a lesser outlay out of the goodness of my heart—it is actually a great business proposition benefiting me as well as you.

Here is why:

I am looking to get in the door. A lesser dollar ask that is very affordable for any semi-serious Chiropractor—yet “weeds out” the non-serious and perpetually non-successful—who are too skeptical to get better results anyway is really the key.

I understand the referral business. I know that if I provide good service at exceptional pricing then:

You will provide referrals as a natural step in our business relationship.

With the proper numbers in place, even a small retainer per month can turn into a great residual income.

Also, I know that potentially each client I work with can turn into a bigger deal. I am hoping to come across a few bigger deals down the road. I am aware that many Chiropractors have multiple facilities, or an invention you want marketed, or other businesses and ventures that you have interest in.

By providing you with viable solutions to your Internet marketing problems and/or enhancing your successes—ultimately I will find a few of these bigger, more lucrative deals.

Like you, the bottom line is that I am in business to provide great service for increased profit and the chance for money-making opportunity now and in the future.

Or, for further information contact me personally at:
(888) 514-3118 - Would love to speak with you!

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